How To Achieve Body Curls Without Heat

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Love the way your body curls look after going to the salon?  Find yourself having to apply heat to your hair daily to achieve this look? Did you know you could maintain your look heat free?  Achieve body curls without heat in 5 easy steps.

***On previously shampooed, conditioned, blow dried (or roller set), and curled hair you can keep your body curl look and achieve heat free curls day after day by doing pin curl sets at night.

  1. Take medium section of your previously curled hair and comb or brush through gently being careful to comb or brush in the direction of the curl.
  2. Take the end of the hair of that section and roll the hair up towards the scalp as if you rolling up towel.
  3. After you have rolled your curl take a bobby pin or double prong clip to secure the curl to your head. Continue this until you have completed your entire head. Secure hair in a satin scarf or bonnet.
  4. Next day carefully remove the pins and allow the curls to drop naturally.
  5. Finger comb down and out towards your face, giving your hair a nice fluffy, bouncy finish. (Style as desired)