Picking The Right Celebrity Hairstyle For You

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Picking The Right Celebrity Hairstyle For You

...but I ask is it really one that fits you: your face shape, highlight features you love, take attention away from features you dislike, and does it fit your lifestyle?

Often times we want things for ourselves that just dont' FIT. And we want it just because we see someone else with it and becasue it look good on them we feel it may look good on us, right? 

When you are considering trying something new like a new hairstyle there are things you must ask yourself when marveling at a hairstyle.  When admiring a hairstyle on another person and wondering if the hairstyle migh work for you consider the following:

Face Shape

Consider your face shape and the face shape of the person wearing the hairstlye that you admire. If both your face shapes resemble...check that off the list.

(The true shape of your face with your hair pulled completely back off the face.)

Ex: Taraji's face is an example of a Square Face Shape.

Image result for taraji p henson

Ex: Monica has an Oval Face Shape with defined cheekbones. 

Image result for monica brown

Face size:  

Ask yourself is the person with your face shape on a person of a slender size or does the person carry more weight in their face? Then ask yourself the same questions regarding your own face size.

Truth is if a person is heavier they may carry more weight in their face then a person who weighs less.


Facial Features:
Consider the facial features of yourself and the person on which the hairstlye you admire: lip, nose, eye shape, and forehead. Ask yourself if these facial features resemble.  If so, does the hairstyle enhance features you love and hide features you dislike.

Other Things You May Consider:

  • Neck...size and length of the neck
  • Body disposition...shoulders etc
  • lifestyle